My Heart Reminds Me

Words & Music by Al Stillman & Camillo Bargoni
Recorded by Kay Starr, 1957 (#9)

C      CM7      CM7/6 CM7    C
I hear the sound of   mu - sic,

Cdim  D9         Fdim       Cdim
Your fav' - rite kind of mu - sic,

Dm7  Dm6      Fdim       G7       C  
And that re - minds me, dear, of you.

E          B7      Cdim
I see the sum - mer ro - ses,

Edim F#m         Cdim     Edim
Your fav' - rite shade of roses,

A   Cdim    F#m      B7     E    G
And that reminds me too of you, dear.

C     CM7      CM7/6 CM7    C
If I could hear no    mu - sic,

Cdim  D9  Cdim Fdim   D9   Cdim
 If there could be no ro - ses,

Dm7      Dm6 Fdim  Dm7  G7     Gdim       A7  
No sum - mer nights to make me dream as I do,

   Dm         Dm+7      Dm7
I still would not for - get you

C    C/B         Am7     Cdim
One thing would still be true --

Dm7 Dm6 Fdim  Dm7   G7       C  
My heart re - minds me I love you. 

*This chart (as, indeed, does much of guitardom) owes a generous tip of the hat to Andrew Rogers and Andrews Ace Guitar Tabs -- but in this case, for the starting point, not the final result. I believe Andrew's version used the Four Seasons as his audio source; I used Kay Starr's, and strove to develope an accompaniment to replicate the song more fully.

Ironically, though Starr's version provided the audio source, hers has never been the version that first "hit" me: the credit for that first impact is the Della Reese version that preceded it on the charts, though under the slightly-different-title of "And That Reminds Me." Memory plays tricks, however, because now, when listening to both in a straight-up comparison, it is Starr's that sounds most like what I remember the song sounding like.

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