My Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua Hawaii

Words & Music by Tommy Harrison & Johnny Noble, 1933
Recorded by The Andrews Sisters, 1934

  E7/6     A6           Cdim    E7    A6
I want to go back to my little grass shack 
Fdim     A            Edim       B7
 In Ke - a - la - ke - ku - a, Hawaii 
          E7/6     Fdim    E7   Cdim  E7/6
I want to  be with all the kanes and wahines 
Fdim    E7   D9   A
That I knew long ago 
Fdim   C#7        C#7/G#   Cdim(IV) C#7
 I can hear old guitars a -  play - ing 
        F#7    Gdim        F#7
On the beach at Ho - nau - nau 
 B7         Cdim   Fdim(III)  B7
I can hear the Hawaiians   say  -  ing 
Cdim     E7         D9          E7     Edim           E7alt
 Ko - mo mai no ka - u - a i ka ha - le we - la - ka - hao 

   Cdim     A6       Fdim E7/9 Fdim    A6      Fdim    B7
It won't be long till my  ship will be sailing back to Kona 
  E7/6  Fdim E7   Fdim  E7/6  E7   Gdim    C#7
A grand old place that's al - ways fair to see, 

    D9             F#7     Edim   D9              F#7
I'm just a little Hawaiian like a homesick island boy 
  DM7         D6        Dm+7 Dm6 B7
I want to go back to my fish and poi 

  Cdim       A6         Cdim         A6
I want to go back to my little grass shack 
Fdim     A            Edim       B7
 In Ke - a - la - ke - ku - a, Hawaii 
Cdim      E7       D9       E7      Cdim      E7     Edim
Where the hu - mu  hu - mu  nu - ku  nu - ku  a - pu - a 
   Bm7-5  Fdim A
Go swim - ming by.

The 1934 date for The Andrews Sisters' recording is a bit of a guess; if you have specific information that can confirm or refute that, I'd love to see it.

If you're interested in trivia, the following historical footnotes are frequently found online:
This song was introduced in Kona, Hawaii at the July 4th canoe races, 1933. Kealakekua is the bay where Captain Cook was killed in 1779. Honaunau is the ancient City of Refuge and Kona is the district where both are located on the Big Island.

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