My Number One Dream Came True

Words & Music by Johnny Green & Lew Brown
Recorded by Les Brown, 1946, Doris Day vocal

  C       Em7    Edim     G      Cdim     E7
A million times a day, I pinch myself and say

    C     Am7  D9   Cdim   G    E7
My number one dream came true;

  C      Em7     Edim     G      Cdim     E7
And if I rub my eyes, it's only in surprise -- 

    C     Am7  D9    D7   G    
My number one dream came true


  Am7           D7                 Am7        D9
I had my number two and three and four dreams

      G                 Am7      Edim      G6
With lots of pos - si - bil - i - ties in each

  Em7                    A7           Em7          A7
I might have planned on dreaming even more dreams

       D9      Am7    D9    Cdim   D7
`Cause number one was way beyond reach.

   C       Em6    Edim      G     Cdim     E7
I can't believe it yet, but if my fate was set,

   C    Am7     D9   Cdim G6    E7
It did what I'd want  it  to;

       C      Em7   Cdim     B7      C       E7       A7
Don't ask me when or how or why, but if I'm here with you,

   D9     Am7  D9   Cdim   G
My number one dream came true.

*Requested by recent visitor Vilia Lighthartt


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