My Own True Love

Words & Music by Mack David & Max Steiner*
Recorded by Margaret Whiting, 1962

D  Dalt D    A7   Em7  A7     A7(V) A7   D    G/B   D
My own true love,           my own true love;

   DM7       Edim  G    G/F#  Em7    Bm7 Bm7/E Em7   G/B  A7
At last I've found you,           my own true  love

D  Dalt D    A7   Em7  A7     A7(V) A7   D    G/B   D
No lips but yours,          no arms but yours

     DM7     Edim G  G/F#  Em7        A7/6   A7     D   G   D  
Will ev - er lead me            through Hea - ven's door

A7  D    D7    G     F#m7        Edim     Bm7  Bm7/E   B7
I roamed the Earth           in search of this

  Cdim      G        Em       Bm7    Bm7/E     A7
I knew I'd know you,         know you by your kiss

D  Dalt D    A7   Em7  A7          A7(V)  A7   D    G/B   D
And by your kiss,           you've shown true love

    DM7        Edim  G  G/F#  Em7     A7/6 A7   D   G   D
I'm yours for - ev - er,           my own true love

*The music was written by Max Steiner in 1939 as "Tara's Theme" from the film "Gone With The Wind." The lyrics were added by Mack David in 1959.

A Margaret Whiting website I have seen lists recording of this song as having been released in 1954 on Capital #2996 -- but I consider it unlikely given the date of Mack David's addition of lyrics. Whiting's recording did not enjoy the level of popularity as The Dupree's #13 recording from the same year (or even of Jimmy Clanton's 1959 recording which reached #33) but I just kind of hate to see a song with the beautiful simplicity of this one, with the majestic power it lent to the movie soundtrack, get reduced either to doo-wop or to a 50s sock hop buckle-polisher.

Suggested by a recent visitor.

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