My Romance

Words & Music by Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart, 1935
Recorded by Doris Day, 1962, in the movie "Jumbo"

D9 A7     D   DM7
My ro - mance     

        D6      Bm7     G   Em7 A7      D   A7
Doesn't have to have a moon     in the sky,

G  G9   D     DM7          
My ro - mance     

        D6     Bm7     G   Em7 A7      Bm   Bm/E
Doesn't need a blue lagoon    standing by;

A7   D   G  A7  Edim     D       G     A7   
No month of may,     no twink - ling stars,

Edim  Bm   Bm7      G       A7
No   hide away, no soft guitars.

D9 A7     D   DM7
My ro - mance

        D6      Bm7   G    Em7  A7   D   A7
Doesn't need a castle ri - sing in Spain,

G   G9  D  DM7
Nor a dance 

      D6          Bm7  G    Em7        A7     D
To a cons - tant - ly sur - pri - sing re - frain.

A7     D   DM7       D6      D9
Wide awake,   I can make my most 

   F#      F#7         Bm   G
Fantastic dreams come true --

Em7 Edim    D   B7          
My   ro - mance    

        G    E7  A   Gdim   D   B7  E7  Edim  D6  Dalt
Doesn't need a thing  but  you.

As a personal note, this song is long overdue to take its place here. I'm a long-time piano bar "junkie," and as such, the mention of the title alone is sufficient to call to mind the faces of the two friends who still sing it (beautifully) in those settings.

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