My Silent Love

Words & Music by Edward Heyman & Dana Seusse
Recorded by Harry James, 1941, Dick Haymes vocal

Intro: ||:  D9  Bm7 | Em7/9  A7  :||

D F#m         Edim         Fdim  G7     D6   F#m
I    reach for you like I'd reach for a star,

B7         Cdim       Em   B+    
Worshipping you from afar, 

G      G/F# Edim A7      D    Bm7  Em7  A7+5
Living with  my  silent love.

D   F#m         Edim      Fdim G7     D6    F#m
I'm     like a flame dying out in the rain,

B7       Cdim    Em   B+        
Only the ashes remain, 

Em6             Gdim A7/6   A7   D    G   D
Smouldering like my   si - lent love.

G  Em Edim    F#7  D9       F#m           D6      B7
How I long to tell all the things I have planned,

G    Em       Fdim    A7/9  B7                   E7   A7
Still   it's wrong to tell, you would not understand.

 D    F#m     Edim       Fdim    G7     D6     F#m
You'll    go along never dream - ing I care,

B7        Cdim       Em   B+        
Loving somebody somewhere, 

Em6        Gdim A7/6   A7   D    G   D
Leaving me  my   si - lent love.

*Requested by recent visitor Edwin Arita.

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