Near You

Words & Music by Kermit Goell & Francis Craig
Recorded by Roger Williams, 1958 (#10)

A7           Gdim  A      A7       Fdim  D
There's just one place to be  --  near you.

          A7    Em7    A7    Cdim  D
It's like Hea - ven to be -- near you.

A7         Fdim      A7
Times when we're a - part,

D       Cdim      D
I can't face my heart.

 E7       Bm7-5      E7
Say you'll nev - er stray

           A7     Cdim      A7
More than just two lips a - way.

A7    Gdim   A       A7       Fdim  D
If my hours could be spent -- near you,

      C#m7-5           F#7   Bm  D7
I'd be more than con - tent near you.

 G                   C#7  Cdim  D                 B7
Make my life worth - while by tell - ing me that I'll

 Cdim      A7 Fdim    A7  Fdim  D
Spend the rest of my life near you.

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