Never Let Me Go

Words & Music by Jay Livingston & Ray Evans
Recorded by Nat King Cole, 1956
From the movie "The Scarlet Hour"

 Bm7             E7-9  
Never let me go, love me much too much;

Am7              Cdim 
If you let me go life would lose it's touch.

G6          GM7     F#7
What would I be without you?

F7                   FM7     E7
There's no place for me without you.

Bm7              E7-9  
Never let me go, I'd be so lost

Am7          Cdim 
If you went away,

G6            GM7     F#7
There'd be a thousand hours in the day

   Fdim  E7 D9  AM7   D9  Cm7-5  AM7   
Without you, I know.

  E7-9     AM7            Bm7           E7-9
Because of one caress, my world was overturned;

Bm7-5   E7-9        Am7                 Cdim 
 At the very start, all my bridges burned by my flaming heart.

G6           GM7       F#7
You'd never leave me, would you?

F7            FM7      B7
You couldn't hurt me, could you?

D9          Fdim E7/6 Cdim    A
Never let me go, never let me go.

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