Night Life

Words & Music by Willie Nelson, Walter Breeland & Paul Buskirk
Recorded by Rusty Draper, 1963 (#57)

          C               C7
When the evenin' sun goes down,
          F                 Fm
You will find me hangin' 'round;
        C          Am            F      G     
Oh, the night life,  it ain't no good life,  

         C       Am    Dm7    G7
But it's my life.

       C              C7
Many people just like me

         F              Fm
Dreamin' of old used-to-be's;

         C          Am             F      Fm   
Oh, the night life,    it ain't no good life,     

         C        F  Fm   C  C/B C7
But it's my life.


 C     Am        C                   C7
Listen   to the blues that they're playin'

 F7              Fm7       C      Am7  Dm7  G7
Listen what the blues are sayin'

        C             C7
Life is just another scene

             F               Fm
In this old world of broken dreams

        C            Am             F         Fm
Oh, the night life,    it ain't no good life

First Time:

          C       F   Fm7   C  C/B  C7
But it's my life

Last Time:

         C        E7    A7
But it's my life

G        C          Am          F         G
Oh, the night life    ain't no good life

              C9  C    F   Fm   C  G7   CM7
Oh, but it's my life.

This song has reached the country music charts numerous times since introduced in 1963. Among the more successful versions were Ray Price (1963, # 28); Claude Gray (1968, # 31); Willie Nelson with the Nashville Brass (1980, # 20), B. J. Thomas (1986, # 59) and as the flip of "Jukebox Saturday Night" by Roy Clark in 1986.

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