No Love, No Nothin'

Words & Music by Leo Robin & Harry Warren
Recorded by Ella Mae Morse, 1943
From the 1943 film "The Gang's All Here"

E7/6 A   F#m     Bm7    E7 A          F#7         D
No  love,    no nothin'      until my baby comes home

Cdim A7   F#m     D9     D      A      A7         D
No   sir,     no noth - in' as long as baby must roam

E7  AM7    F#m      D9      Dm6 Fdim A   Bm7-5   A
I promised him I'd wait for him till even Hades froze

    F#m       B7      F#m
I'm lonesome, Heaven knows, 

Cdim D     F#m         E7
But what I said still goes.

E7/6 A   F#m     Bm7    E7 A               F#7         D
 No love,    no nothin'      and that's a promise I'll keep;

Cdim A7  F#m       D9  D  A        A7      F#m        D
 No fun       with no one,    I'm gettin' plenty of sleep.

Fdim F#m       Cdim       D9           A      A6    A        A9    F#7
 My heart's on strike and though it's like an emp - ty hon - ey - comb,

Edim F#m Cdim Bm7 Fdim E7      D9     E7/6 Bm7-5  A
 No love, no  sir, no nothin' till my baby comes home.

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