No Moon At All

Words & Music by Redd Evans & David Mann
Recorded by Julie London, 1956

Am         Am+7 E7  Fdim E7
No moon at all, what a night --

A7   Fdim      A7   Fdim  D9           Dm
Even lightnin' bugs have dimmed their lights;

Bm7-5         E7       Bm7-5 Am   
Stars have disappeared from sight,

Fdim        F7  E7     Am         Bm7-5   E7
And there's no moon at all.

Am    Am+7     E7       Fdim  E7
Don't make a sound, it's so dark

A7   Fdim A7   Fdim D9  Dm
Even Fido is afraid to bark;

Bm7-5            E7  Bm7-5 Am
What a perfect chance to  park,

Fdim        F7  E7     Am
And there's no moon at all.


A7                     D7
If you need atmosphere for inspiration, Dear,

One kiss will make it clear

        C                                         E7
That tonight is right and bright moonlight might interfere.

Am        Am+7     E7 Fdim  E7
No moon at all way up  a - bove;

A7      Fdim   A7   D9               Dm
This is noth - in' like they told us of.

Bm7-5            E7  Bm7-5 Am
Just to think we fell in  love...

Fdim        F7  E7     Am
And there's no moon at all.

I've long been a fan of Julie London, even though I've heard the complaint that her appeal as a recording artist was based more on the photos on her album covers than on her clear, but admittedly somewhat uninspired, vocals. As a fan of "put the emphasis on the song, rather than the voice," I tend to appreciate that "lack of inspiration." And while this song may not have been a giant in popularity, but I have learned to appreciate it anyway. I hope you do, too.

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