No Other Love

Words & Music by Bob Russell & Paul Weston
Derived from Frédéric Chopin's Étude No. 3 in E, Op. 10
Recorded by Jo Stafford, 1950 (#8)

A  AM7   A    E  E7/6     E7   A
No oth - er love can warm my heart

A    A9   A    E7/9  E7  D9    A   AM7 A    E
Now that I've known the com - fort of your arms

E7/6      E   A
No  oth - er love.

A7 A7sus4 A7/9  A7     A    A7sus4 A7/9 A  D
Oh  the   sweet con - tent - ment  that I find 

     Bm7          B7   B7/9       E
With you ev' - ry time, ev' - ry time.

A  AM7   A   E   E7/6       E7   A
No oth - er lips could want you more 

A  A9  A  E7/9 E7  D9    A AM7 A    E
For I was born to glor - y in your kiss.

E7/6       E    A
For - ev - er yours, 

A7 A7/6          A7   D   D9  DM7  D
I   was blessed with love to love you 

C#7                F#m
Til the stars burn out above you

 D       Bm     Cdim   B7     A    F#m  Bm
Til the moon is but a silver shell

   Edim   E
No other love, 

 D     Cdim   A   F#m  D       E7-9  E7/6  E7   A
Let no other love     know the wonder of  your spell.

*Suggested by recent (and frequent) visitor Richard Zielinsky

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