Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!

Words & Music by Ed Rose & Abe Olman, 1917
Recorded by The Andrews Sisters, 1939


C    G      C   Edim     Dm7 Am7     G7
Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny!  How you can love!

Dm7  G7     Dm7  Cdim    C     Cdim      C
Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny!  Hea - vens a - bove!

G   D7/9 Fdim  C         Am7 Cdim  Dm7  G7
You make  my  sad heart jump with joy,

G   D7/9   G    Am      C   Edim Cdim  Dm7    G
And when you're near I just can't sit still a min - ute.

G        C    G     C   Edim     Dm7   Am7     G7
I'm so, Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny, please tell me dear,

     Bm7-5    Cdim Bm7-5 E7
What makes me love  you  so?

D7/9   G    C  C/B        Am7  Am7/G     D  Am7    D9
You're not handsome, it's true, but when I look at you,

Cdim     G   D7/9    G7  Cdim    C   Am7  G7
 I just, Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny! Oh!


C       Am7       Cdim    Dm7    C      G/B    C
All the girls are crazy about a certain little lad

    Edim      F         Dm7
Although he's very very bad,

    G       C      Am          F      G          
He could be oh so good when he wanted to

C       Am7   Cdim         G          C       G/B    C
Bad or good he un - er - stood 'bout love and other things

    Edim   G      Cdim           G    Cdim
For every girl in town followed him around

         G       D7/9      G7
Just to hold his hand and sing.

(Repeat Refrain:

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