Oh Lady Be Good

Words & Music by Ira & George Gershwin
Recorded by Ella Fitzgerald, 1959

F#m           C#7               F#m      C#7     F#m
Listen to my tale of woe - it's terribly sad but true;

A           D9     E7       A   D9   A   D9  A    E  E6   A
All dressed up, no place to go; each evening I'm awfully blue.

E      E7        A               E       E7 Bm7-5  A
I must win some handsome guy -- can't go on like this.

F#m     C#7      F#m    A          F#       C#7       F#  E7
I could blossom out, I know, with somebody just like you, so

A    D9   Dm6  A    Bm7 AM7  D9 Fdim A    G7  F#7
Oh, sweet and love - ly la - dy, be good;

    D9 Bm7-5     E7 E7/6 A  Em9  D9  Dm6 - Fdim
Oh, la - dy, be good to me.

A D9 E7 Dm6   Fdim AM7   D9  Fdim     A   G7  F#7
I am so awf' - ly  mis - un - der - stood,

   Bm   D9 Bm7-5  E Fdim A
So la - dy  be  good to  me.


DM7 F#m  Bm7        Cdim     AM7/6 AM7
Oh,          please have some pi - ty;

F#m7 Cdim     B7     D9   E7  D9  Bm7-5
I'm  all a - lone in this big ci - ty.

A Bm7-5 Cdim
I tell  you,

A    D9 E7 Dm6   Fdim  AM7  D9 Fdim  A   G7  F#7
I'm just a lone - some babe in  the wood,

B7 E7  Cdim Bm7-5 E7  E7/6 A  C#m7-5  Bm7 Fdim A7/6
So la - dy,   be good  to  me.

*A large tip of the hat is owed to recent visitor Mal Ginn for the chart of this one that he forwarded to me. Though I've changed it fairly significantly, I don't think I'd have understood the structure of the song nearly as well (or nearly well enough) without his to use as a starting point.

The attribution to this particular date of Fitzgerald's recording is a bit arbitrary -- allmusic.com lists no less than 50 albums of hers that contain this song. The same source indicates that it has appeared on well over 900 different albums by numerous artists.

Thanks to recent visitor Lennart Lindrot for suggesting the song.

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