The Old Lamplighter

Words & Music by Charles Tobias & Nat Simon
Recorded by The Browns, 1960 (#5)
Previously charted by Kay Kyser, 1947 (#3)


             G               D       F#      F#7      Bm
He made the night a little brighter wherever he would go–

      G       D       G    D       A7
The old lamp lighter of long, long ago.

           G                 D
His snowy hair was so much whiter

    F#        F#7     Bm
Beneath the candle's glow –

      G        D     G   D     A7    D   A7
The old lamp lighter of long, long ago.

D                             D6 
You'd hear the patter of his feet

            D                  D6
As he came toddlin' down the street,

    D                   D6               D
The smile would hide a lonely heart, you see;

               Em                 Em7
If there were sweethearts in the park,

             Em               Em7
He'd pass a lamp and leave it dark,

   Em            Em7              Em    A7
Remembering the days that used to be,

          D                     D6
For he recalls when dreams were new,

           D                     D6
He loved someone who loved him, too,

     D               A7          D
Who walks with him alone in memory.

Repeat Refrain:

Now if you look up in the sky,
You'll understand the reason why
The little stars at night are all aglow,
He turns them on when night is here,
He turns them off when dawn is near,
The little man we loved so long ago.

Repeat Refrain:

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