On An Evening In Roma

Words & Music by Umberto Bertini, Frederics & Sandro Taccani
Recorded by Dean Martin, 1962

Em7   A7   D        D9   D   D9        D    D9   
Down each avenue or vi - a, street or str - ta

D               DM7   D    DM7        D6
You can see 'em dis - ap - pear - ing two by two

      Edim       Em7   A7
On an evening in Roma

   Edim  A             Em7 A   Em7      F#m  Em7
Do they take'em for espresso?  Yeah, I guess so.

A               Em7 A Em7    F#m    Em7
On each lover's arm a girl I wish I knew

A7    Edim        D6
On an evening in Roma


D       D6      D7            D  D9         D    D7  G6    
Though there's grinning and mandolining in sun - ny Italy

    E7            Edim       E7         Bm7-5      A7
The beginning has just be - gun when the sun goes down

Em7  A7     D            D9    D   D9            D
So please meet me in the pla - za near your ca - sa

D         DM7   D  DM7            D6
I am only one and that is one too few

      Cdim        G6
On an evening in Roma

           Gdim              Cdim   Em7 Gdim
Don't know what the country's com - ing to,

Em7 A7  D             F#7    B7
But in Rome do as the Romans do

Bm7-5 A7 Em7  A7     Bm7-5   A7      D
Will you        on an eve - ning in Roma.

*Requested by recent visitor Ron Blacker.

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