Painted Tainted Rose

Words & Music by Gordon Galbraith & Peter DeAngelis
Recorded by Al Martino, 1963 (#15)

E7         A6        A    F#7
She was a wild and lovely rose 

           E7/9  E7  Cdim  E7   A   Edim   E7
Oh, how I loved her, hea - ven knows 

     E7        A6    A   F#7  B7       Bm7-5 B7
But though my heart was true, it would never do 

       E7      E7/9  E7   A   Edim  E7
Party life was what she chose 

E7           A6      A      F#7
Last night I saw my lovely rose 

            E7    D9   Bm7-5  C#7
All painted up in fan - cy  clothes 

    Bm7-5      A         F#7        B7       Bm7-5       B7   
Her eyes had lost their spark, the years had left their mark 

      Bm7-5    E7      D9     E7  A   Edim  E7
She's just a painted, tain - ted rose. 

(repeat both verses)


      Bm7-5    E7      D9     E7  A   D9   A
She's just a painted, tain - ted rose.

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