Passing Strangers

Words & Music by Mel Mitchell & Rita Man
Recorded by Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughan, 1957

A7  D        D9   D   Em7/9    Em7
We seem like passing strangers now --

F#m          G
How can you hurry by?

Gdim       D     B7
There were never two who loved

Em7/9   Em7  G/B A7/6    A7
Half as much as  you and I.

A7  D        D9   D   Em7/9    Em7
We seem like passing strangers now;

F#m         G
Funny how things can change.

Gdim     D   B7
We were so inseparable

Em7/9      Em7    Gdim  B7
Now you're acting very strange.

     G               A7
The hands I used to touch

      Gdim  D      Bm
Don't even wave hello;

F#7   Edim      Em7   A7    F#m   A7
How I miss your lips you'll never know.

A7  D        D9   D  Em7/9   Em7
If you would on - ly turn to me,

F#m           G
Speak my name just once more,

Gdim       D   Cdim  Gdim      B7
You might find right there and then

 G   G/F#    Em7 Gdim A7   Gdim  D
Stran - gers can  be lovers a - gain.

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