Pass Me By

Words & Music by Cy Coleman & Carolyn Leigh
Recorded by Peggy Lee, 1965 (#93)
Performed in the 1964 movie "Father Goose" by Digby Wolfe

E7 Cdim Fdim(III)  A   E7   F#m C#m7-5 D9       Cdim     A
I  got     me     ten fine toes  to   wig - gle in the sand

 D9    Bm7-5      A     F#m   D9    Cdim       E7
Lots of  i - dle fing - ers snap to my com - mand

  Fdim   E7  D9     Cdim      Bm7-5    Cdim      E7
A love - ly pair of heels that kick to beat the band

 D9   Cdim Bm7-5   E7  A         F#m     D9        E7
Con - tem - pla - tin' na - ture can be fas - ci - na - tin'

A   E7 F#m   C#m7-5  D9      Cdim     A    E7
Add to these   a    nose that  I can thumb

D9    Cdim       A    A7 Dalt   D6
And a mouth, by gum, have I

   Bm7-5     D6       Fdim(III) B7      A   Fdim          F#7
To tell the whole darn  world   "If ya don't hap - pen to like it,

C#m7-5    D9  Cdim    Bm7-5       E7/6 E7 A    A7    
 Deal me out, thank ya kind - ly, pass me by"

        D9  Fdim(III) Cdim    A  C#m7-5  F#7
Pass me by,           pass me by
B7    Bm   Bm7/E         E7/9 E7  E7/6 E7  A
If ya don't hap - pen to like it, pass me by.

*Lyrics transcribed by Ron Hontz (

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