Pennies From Heaven

Words & Music by John Burke & Arthur Johnston
Recorded by Bing Crosby, 1936; From the movie of the same name

G     Bm      A7sus4     A7 
Ev'ry time it rains, it rains 

 C            D7
Pennies from heaven.

G          Bm       A7sus4    A7
Don't you know each cloud contains 

 C             D7
Pennies from heaven?

G7                                C    G+   C     E7
You'll find your fortune falling all over town;

A7                         D9    D7      D9   D7  
Be sure that your umbrella   is upside down.

   G       Bm    A7sus4  A7
Trade them for a package of 

  C           D7
Sunshine and flowers;

G      Bm        G9         G7/9    C
If you want the things you love, 

     C/B       Am
You must have showers.

C   C/B       Am    Em   B+    C         C9    Bm7-5  E7
So when you hear it thunder, don't run under a tree;

 Bm7-5      A7                      D7      G   (Gdim   D7)
There'll be pennies from heaven for you and me.

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