Penthouse Serenade

Words & Music by Will Jason & Val Burton
Recorded by Bob Hope & Shirley Ross, 1937

      A9           A               AM7       F#m
Just pic - ture a pent - house way up in the sky,

     D             Bm7             DM7        Dm6
With hin - ges on chim - neys for stars to go by,

   E7           Cdim           Edim         E7
A sweet slice of Hea - ven for just you and I

 A    F#m       D9   E7
When we're a - lone. 

     A9          A           AM7             F#m
From all of so - ci - e - ty, we'll stay a - loof

     D           Bm7            DM7          Dm6
And live in pro - pri - e - ty there on the roof.

     E7           Cdim           Edim         E7
Two hea - ven - ly her - mits we will be in truth

A         Bm7-5 E7   A
When we're all  a - lone. 


E7        Bm7-5  Fdim  E7
We'll use life's mad  pat - tern

A     E7   Fdim       A
As we view old Man - hat - tan,

     E7     Cdim       D        B7 
Then we can thank our luck - y stars

 E7        Edim     Bm7-5   E7
That we're liv - ing as we are. 

   A9              A               AM7              F#m
In our lit - tle pent - house we'll al - ways con - trive

         D            Bm7        DM7          Dm6
To keep love and ro - mance for - ev - er a - live

    E7        Cdim           Edim          E7
In view of the Hud - son just o - ver the drive,

A    Bm7-5 Dm6   A
When we're  a - lone.

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