Theme from "Picnic"

Words & Music by Steve Allen & George Duning
Recorded by The McGuire Sisters, 1956 (#13)
From the 1956 film "Picnic"

D   DM7     Bm9
On a picnic morning 

E7/9   E7           E7/9
With - out a warn - ing

    DM7     B7   G  G/F#   A9  A7/9   D    Fdim Em7 A7   
I looked at you and some - how  I    knew

D    DM7     Bm9
On a day for sing - ing,

E7/9  E7             E7/9
My  heart went wing - ing

  DM7        B7    G  G/F#  A9   A7/9   D  Fdim Em7 A7 D
A pic - nic grove was our  ren - dez - vous


D6     Em7 A9        DM7       D6
You and I     in the sunshine;

    Em7           A9        DM7       D6
We strolled the fields amd farms.

       Bm7  Bm7/E    F#m      F#m7
At the last light of evening,

   G   G/F# G/B    A7sus4  A7
I held you  in  my arms.

D        DM7      Bm9
So when days grow stormy

E7/9 E7      E7/9
And lone - ly for me

  DM7        B7   G   G/F#  A9  A7/9  D  Bb9  Em7  A7  D
I just re - call pic - nic time and  you.

Although this song is now far more often heard only as part of the famous Morris Stoloff medley (with "Moonglow") if it is heard at all, I've always thought this was a beautiful song in its own right. It was co-written by Steve Allen, who was so much better known as a comedian and television entertainer that his accomplishments as a composer are far too often overlooked.

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