Play A Simple Melody

Words & Music by Irving Berlin, 1914
Recorded by Bing Crosby, 1931; From the Broadway production "Watch Your Step"

 A    E7   A     Cdim   E7
Won't you play a simple mel - o - dy,

E7      Cdim    E       A   Cdim  E7   E7sus4
Like my mother sang to me?

A    E7   A       Cdim      E7
One with good old-fashioned harmony. . .

E7     Cdim    E         A  D9  A   E7
Play a simple mel - o - dy.

A              E7       A
Musical demon, set your honey a-dreaming,

Cdim       E7
Won't you play me some rag,

                  E7          Cdim      E     A        Cdim  E7   E7sus4
Just change that classical nag to some sweet beautiful drag.

             A           E7        A           Cdim      
If you will play from a copy of a tune that is choppy,

                   E7           Cdim    E7
You'll get all my applause, and that is simply because

   E7  Cdim     E         A  D9  A   E7
I want to listen to rag.

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