Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone

Words & Music by Clare & Palmer
Recorded by Arlo Guthrie, 1982
Previously recorded by Gene Austin, 1931 (#3)

C                  E7               A7    A7sus4   A7
Please don't talk about me when I'm gone,

D9           D7       G      G+       C   Fdim(III)  G7
Though our friendship ceases from now on.

C                  E7            A7    A7+5   A7
If you can't say anything that's nice,

     D9          D7      G           G+   C
Then best don't talk at all  that's my advice,


You go your way, I'll go mine,

It's best that we do,

D9                 D7
Here's a kiss -- I hope that this 

       G       D7      G7  G7+5
Brings lots of luck to you.

C                   E7          D7
Makes no difference how I carry on,

D9          D7      G       G+       C 
Please don't talk about me when I'm gone.

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