Poinciana (Song of the Tree)

Words & Music by Buddy Bernier & Nat Simon
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1943(?)

A7    DM7  D9              Dalt     D9      C9       
Poinciana,   your branches speak to me of love,

 C    Bb9 Fdim(III)           Fdim           D   A7        
Pale moon          is casting shadows from above.

A7    DM7  D9           Dalt      D9     C9
Poinciana,    somehow I feel the jungle heat,

C    Bb9     Fdim(III)              Fdim             D 
With - in me          there grows a rhythmic savage beat.


Bb9                Fdim(III)      Fdim              Dalt
Love is ev'rywhere,     its magic perfume fills the air,

Bb9    E7      Bb9     Fdim(II)    Fdim       E7         A7       
To and fro you sway, my heart's in time, I've learned to care.

A7    DM7  D9             Dalt     D9      C9
Poinciana,     from now until the dawning day

C    Bb9   Fdim(III)       Fdim              D   C
I'll learn       to love forever, come what may.


     Bb9    D6

This one is a bit on the obscure side, even for me -- it's here at the request of a visitor who asked for a song I'd really never heard. It tends to rely a little more heavily on the vocal than most songs here, but it does have a haunting melody that grows on you.

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