Portrait Of My Love

Words & Music by David West & Cyril Ornadel
Recorded by Steve Lawrence, 1961 (#9)

C           Dm7   G7
There could never be 

   Am             Fm
A portrait of my love

    C   C/B      Am7  Dm7  G7   C  Am7  Dm7   G7
For nobody could paint a dream.

C        Dm7    G7
You will never see

  Am              Fm
A portrait of my love

     C    Am     Dm7   G7  C     F   C   C7
For miracles are nev - er seen.


Gdim A7      Dm        Dm+7
Any one who sees her

Cdim    B7       Em Em7 Dm7 G
Soon forgets the Mo-na  Li-sa.

C        Dm7      G7
It would take, I know,

   Am       Fm
A Michelangelo,

     C        Am      Dm       G
And he would need the glow of dawn

      Em        Em7   Am   Am+7
That paints the sky above

    Dm7    Em     Em7      Dm7 G7   C
To try and paint a portrait of my love.

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