Pretty Baby

Words & Music by Tony Jackson, Gus Kahn & Egbert VanAlstyne
Recorded by Dean Martin, 1957

A    E7           D9
Ev'rybody loves a baby, 

            E               E7 
That's why I'm in love with you --

Fdim   A6   E7  Fdim    A6
Pretty baby,    pretty baby. 

A         E7            D9
And I'd like to be your sister, brother, 

E               E7
Dad and mother, too,

Fdim   A6   E7  Fdim    A6
Pretty baby,     pretty baby. 

 E7       A                A7
Won't you come and let me rock you 

       D         D6
In my cradle of love?  

F#7              B7       E7
And we'll cuddle all the time. 

A      E7           D9 
Oh, I want a lovin' baby, 

         E              E7 
And it might as well be you --

D      E7  Fdim A
Pretty baby of mine!

*Suggested by recent visitor Carol Helmer.

Here's a case of how wierd the mind can be when it comes to music. When this was requested, it rang no bells at all in my memory...up until I found it, and realized that this was the song on which the obnoxious "party pooper" parody is based. If ever a song deserved better treatment, this is it.

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