Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey

Words & Music by Albert Von Tilzer & Junie McCree, 1910
Recorded by Dick Haymes, 1943*

Verse (slow tempo):

 D     F#m     G6    Em7  D           F#m       G6
Night time is fall - in', ev' - ry - thing is still,

Edim     D   Bm7  Em7       Edim       D     Cdim     A7
And the moon is  shi - nin' from a - bove;

D    F#m    G6    Em7  D        F#m       G6
Cu - pid is call - in' ev' - ry Jack and Jill

      E7     Bm7-5      E7     Cdim     A7
It's just a - bout the time to fall in love.


 D        A7 Fdim   D        A7  Fdim  D      Fdim  D
Put your arms a - round me, hon - ey,     hold me tight;

 A7   Cdim     A7   Cdim     A7   Em7   A7
Huddle up and cuddle up with all your might.

A  Em7   A9       Em   Em7/6 A7/9
Oh, oh, won't you roll those eyes,

 D   Em7  A7    Cdim         A7
Eyes that I just  i - dol - ize.

D          A7 Fdim D      A7  Fdim  D      Fdim  D
When they look at  me my heart be   -  gins to float,

A7      Cdim      A7    Cdim    A7   Em7  A7
Then it starts a rockin' like a mo - tor boat.

A7  G  D F#m    E7  D9      G   A7/6  D
Oh, oh, I never knew an - y girl like you.


C#m7-5       F#7           Gdim  Bm  F#7 Bm
  I  never  knew an - oth - er  girl like you,
Bm7-5      E7            Bm7-5 A   G/B  A7   Fdim
  I never knew an - oth - er  girl like you.

Repeat Refrain:

*Attribution this version to anyone is mis-representation, because so far as I know, the song has never been recorded like this. The intro verse (one of two verses provided in the 1910 original) is only about half of what the original contained - and it now sounds so dated that it would probably never get airtime today; worse, it is written minstrel-style ("night time am a-fallin'" is now pretty much offensive to just about everybody's ears -- certainly to mine.) One of the main problems with attempting to chart this tune is that the refrain to this song - which is about all anybody today remembers - is so doggone quick and short that it's over before it begins. The bridge is adapted from the Dick Haymes 1943 version, credited here. I'm posting it in this very corrupted form because it's a peppy song, well-suited to performance at retirement centers.

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