Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars

Words & Music by Antonio Carlos Jobim; (English translation by Gene Lees)
Recorded by Tony Bennett, 1963

D9                           Fdim
Quiet nights of quiet stars, quiet chords from my guitar

Gm7              F#7              FM7       Dm7 FM7 Gm7 Am7 FM7
Floating on the silence that surrounds us.

Fm7                               Em7                  A7+
Quiet thoughts and quiet dreams, quiet walks by quiet streams,

D9                          Dm7                        Fdim
And a window looking on the mountains and the sea -- how lovely!

D9                           Fdim
This is where I want to be, here, with you so close to me

    Gm7          F#7    FM7       Dm7      FM7   Gm7   Am7   Gm7
Until the final flicker of life's ember.

Fm7         Fm      Fm6     Em7             Am7     Dm7
I, who was lost and lonely,      believing life was only

   G7-9           Em7                 A7+    Dm7
A bitter, tragic joke have found with you

     G9                   G7-9      C     Bb9    A7+
The meaning of existence, oh,  my love.

(Last time)

     G9             G7-9           C     Bb9   Fdim C(6)
The meaning of existence, oh,  my love.

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