Words & Music by L. Wolfe Gilbert, Mabel Wayne
Recorded by Jim Reeves, 1958

Intro:  ||: A | D7/9 |

     A          Bm7      Fdim    Bm7-5    D       E7
Ra - mo - na, I hear the mission bells above;

     D         Bm7    F#m    Bm7-5    E7-9     A   AM7  A7
Ra - mo - na, they're ringing out our song of love.

E7  A             Cdim
I press you, ca - ress you

      E      Bm7-5     Cdim         E7
And bless the day you taught me to care

     E     Cdim   E   Bm7-5     A       F#m      Edim          A    E7
I'll always re - mem - ber the rambling rose you wore in your hair.

     A            Bm7     Fdim        Bm7-5    D       E7
Ra - mo - na, when day is done you'll hear my call;

     D        Bm7       F#m     Bm7-5     E7-9         F#7
Ra - mo - na,     we'll meet be - side the wat - er - fall.

Edim   D   F#m   B7 Cdim A     C#7     C#7/G#   F#7
I   dread the dawn when I a - wake to find you gone

     D    F#m Bm7 E7/6 Fdim  E7   D   (Edim  E7)
Ra - mo - na,  I  need  you, my  own.

*Requested by recent visitor Raymond Walker

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