Remember Me

Words & Music by Robert Miller
Recorded by Ray Noble Orchestra, 1932, Al Bowlly Vocal

Edim  E7/6      E7  E7/6   A9       A
 Re - mem - ber me,  re - mem - ber me,

 E7   A  E7/6 A  Cdim A6        A
Just keep me  in your mem - o - ry.

Bm7-5 E7-9        F#7 Edim Bm            Bm7/E
 I'll ne'er for - get  the day we we met

        Edim     B7        E
For the sake of auld lang syne.

Edim  E7/6      E7   E7/6     E7      A9       A
Though we must part, there'll be no change of heart

   E7    A       G/B  A7 D   Bm  
Through all the years to be;

      G6         G5   Gm7 Em7    D6       D    B7
Auf - wei - der seh'n,    we'll meet a - gain,

Cdim  E7/9  E   Gdim   A7  G   Edim    D      
 So  please re - mem - ber me.

*Suggested by recent visitor Andy Wood, who also provided an audio source.


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