The River of No Return

Words & Music by Ken Darby & Lionel Newman
Recorded by Marilyn Monroe & Tennessee Ernie Ford, 1954
From the movie of the same name

D       Dsus4 D7              G        Em7   D
There is a   river called the river of no return;

D    F#m7       Bm      Bm7     G        Em7  G/B  A7
Sometimes it's peaceful,   and sometimes wild and free!

D      Dsus4 D7              G       Em7  D
Love is  a  trav'ler on the river of no return,

D    F#m7   Bm   Bm7       A7        Em7    A7  D
Swept on forever     to be lost in a stor - my sea.


A7     D   F#m       Em7      A7     D            
Wail-a-ree     I can hear the river call (no return, no return)

 A7       G       Em7     D
Where the roarin' waters fall, 

A7      D  F#m      Bm7           Bm7/E         E7     A7
Wail-a-ree    I can hear my lover call, "Come to me"

A7 G   A7  D     Dsus4  D7           G        Em7        D
I lost my love on the  river, and forever my heart will yearn;

D     F#m7    Bm   Bm7         Em7     G/B A7      D
Gone, gone forever    down the river of no re - turn.

A7      D   DM7       Bm   Bm7  Bm7/E 
Wail-a-ree     wail-a-ree

       G    G/F#  Em7  A7 D    D  D6 D    D  D6 D    D  D6 D
You'll never re - turn to me! (no return, no return, no return)

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