Rockin' Chair

Words & Music by Hoagy Carmichael
Recorded by The Mills Brothers, 1932

D   D9   D9sus4  D9   D7/9     G     G6         Gm7  Edim
Ol' rock - in' chair's got me,   my cane by my side;

 D    F#m     B7       E7                 A7   Edim
Fetch me that gin, son, 'fore I tan your hide.

Bm   F#7            Bm7   F#7 Bm7 C#7  F#7
Can't get from this cabin,    go  no  where

E7  Bm7-5          E7
Just sit me here grabbin' 

        A7             A7+5      D
At the flies 'round my rockin' chair.


D7     Fdim  D9   D7        D7      Fdim D9  D7
My dear old Aunt Harriet -- in Hea - ven she be --

C#7           F#m     B7         E7          Bm7-5      A7  E7  A7 
Send me sweet chariot,   for the end of that trouble I see.

D   D9   D9sus4  D9  D7/9     G         G6     Gm7  Edim
Ol' rock - in' chair gets it;  judgment day is here,

  D    F#m Bm7 G  Gdim  Edim   D
Chained to my old rock - in' chair.

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