Same Old Saturday Night

Words & Music by Sammy Cahn & Frank Reardon
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1955 (#13)

A        A7   D      A
Went to see a movie show, 

D9       A     Edim   E7
Found myself an empty row;

 A           A7      D      Cdim
Thought the show was just alright --

E        Fdim      E7
Same old Saturday night.

A       A7       D      A
Then I made the usual stop,

D9      A     Edim   E7
Coffee at the coffee shop;

A         A7      D      Cdim
Friendly face nowhere in sight --

Fdim     E7        A
Same old Saturday night.


   A  AM7   A7            A   AM7  A7
I real-ly thought - the papers I bought

       D        Gdim            D6 
Would help me forget you for a while;

   E7  Cdim E7          E7     Cdim     E7
Believe me honey - the funnies weren't funny,

      F#7         B7      E7
They didn't even make me smile

A      A7          D      A
How I wish you'd lift the phone;

D9      A       Edim   E7
Fun is fun - but not alone.

A         A7      D      Cdim
'Til you let me hold you tight,

Fdim     E7        C#7
Same old Saturday night


Dalt      D6        Dm7(V)     Dm7
Only your face - can help me erase

     Fdim     E7/6 E7    A
That same old Saturday night.

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