Say It Isn't So

Words & Music by Irving Berlin
Recorded by Julie London, 1955

AM7/6            Bb9
Say it isn't so, say it isn't so,

A           D9     AM7       F#m
Everyone is saying you don't love me --

B7     Cdim  B7
Say it isn't so.

E7/6             Bb9
Ev'rywhere I go, ev'ryone I see,

B7/9     B7     B7/9    E7/9 - E7 E7sus4  E7
They say you're growing tired       of    me --

D9           Bm7-5   E7
Say it isn't  so.

AM7/6                Bb9
People say that you, found somebody new,

A                D9    AM7       F#m
And it won't be long before you leave me -- 

B7     Cdim  B7            
Say it isn't true,

DM7           D6            Dm   Dm+7 Dm6
Just say that ev'rything is still o - kay,

AM7         C#m7-5    F#7
That's all I want to know;

D9 Bm7-5         D6     E7/6         E7  A
And what they're saying, say it is - n't so.

*I'm crediting London's version here and using her version of the lyrics, but there were at least three other recordings that I listened to in developing this arragement, and all had something to offer. Nat King Cole's trio recorded it in 1963, as did the Benny Goodman Quartet in their 1963 reunion, and Dinah Washington recorded it in 1956.

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