Sea Of Heartbreak

Words & Music by Hal David & Paul Hampton
Recorded by Don Gibson, 1961 (#21)

      D             B7    G              A  
The lights in the harbor don't shine for me;

D          B7          G            A
I'm like a lost ship adrift on the sea --


A        D              Cdim    A
Sea of heartbreak, lost love, loneliness,

A7      Gdim  D          D7
Mem'ries of  your caress so divine -- 

G               Gm
How I wish that you were mine

   D          Cdim            A7     Gdim
Again, my Dear -- I'm on this sea of tears,

A7      D
Sea of Heartbreak.

D          B7            G           A
How did I lose you?  Oh where did I fail?

D            B7      G          A
Why did you leave me always to sail?  This...

(Repeat Refrain)


G                         D 
Oh what I'd give just to sail back to shore,

G                      E7
Back to your arms once more.

    D         B7          G           A  
Oh come to my rescue, oh come here to me;

  D           B7     G             A  
Take me and keep me away from the sea.

(Repeat Refrain)

Suggested by John Davies, of Dorset, UK. Thanks to recent visitor Mike Robertson for pointing out that I'd left out both the third verse and the bridge. Duh!

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