Seems Like Old Times

Words & Music by Carmen Lombardo & John Jacob Loeb, 1946
Recorded by The Four Freshmen, 1956
Arthur Godfrey's TV theme song

Edim       A7+5 A7    A7+5  A7     A7+5      
Seems like old times having you to walk with,

A7         D9   D7     D9    D7      D9
Seems like old times, having you to talk with.

 D7       Dm7    Fdim            C        C/B     A7+5      A7
And it's still a thrill just to have my arms a - round you,

D9           D7          Dm7    Dm7-5    G7
Still-- the thrill -- it was the day I found you.

Edim       A7+5  A7   A7+5    A7        A7+5
Seems like old times, dinner dates and flowers,

A7        D9   D7    D9      D7     Dm7   G7
Just like old times, staying up for hours

G7      Dm7        Fdim  C     C/B       Gm7     A7
Making dreams come true, doing things we used to do

            D9   Dm7  G    G+         C    (   Fdim(III)  G7   )
Seems like old times being here with you.

The chords in parenthesis on the last line of the song are an optional turn-around -- I would probably end the song with something like C - F - FM - C if the turn-around is not wanted.

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