Sentimental Journey

Words & Music by Bud Green, Les Brown & Ben Homer, 1944
Recorded by Les Brown Orchestra, 1944
Theme song for the Les Brown Orchestra

Gonna take a sentimental journey,

              Em   G#  G7
Gonna set my heart at ease;

   C            F          Bb9
Gonna take a sentimental journey

C         Fdim  C   G7     C
To renew  old  mem - o  - ries.

Got my bag, I got my reservation;

                   Em   G#    G7
Spent each dime I could af - ford.

  C              F            Bb9
Like a child in wild an-ti-ci-pa-tion,

C            Fdim   C  G7   C
Long to hear that "All a - board!"


 E - F                          Fm
Sev-en...that's the time we'd leave,

   Bb - C     C6             C    Fdim - D7
At sev-en.  I'll be waitin' up for Hea - ven,

  D            Am7      G         G6   Dm7  G   Cdim Dm7  -   G
Countin' ev'ry mile of railroad track that takes me back.

Never thought my heart could be so yearny;

             Em  G#  G7
Why did I decide to roam?

  C           F          Bb9
Gotta take a sentimental journey,

  C     Dm7   C - Cdim Fdim  C  
Sentimental jour-      ney home.

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