Serenade Of The Bells

Words & Music by Kay Twomey, Al Goodhart, and Al Urbano
Recorded by Jo Stafford, 1947 (#6)

A             F#m              Fdim  D
In the sleepy town of San Jua - ni - ta,

E        Bm7-5  E      Cdim    A    C#m7-5
There's a story that a padre tells,

F#7  Edim  F#7     Edim      Bm
Of a gay senor and sen - o - ri - ta,

Bm7-5     A        F#m D9 E7    A     D9   E7
 And the ser -e - nade of the bells.

A                    F#m             Fdim   D
Seems they asked the padre for per - mis - sion

E     Bm7-5    E   Cdim      A
To be married early in the spring,

F#7       Edim      F#7      Edim    Bm
But their folks had made just one condition

Bm7-5     A      F#m   D9  E7  A    
That the mission bells had to ring.

E         Bm7-5 E7      Fdim        A
Ev' - ry - one knew the bells were bro - ken,

    Edim     D9          E7/6   E7   A
And hadn't sounded for a long, long time.

C#7      C#7/G#   Fdim(III)     C#7   F#m
Then one night the   vil - lage was astounded

Bm7-5     E      B7       E
 For the bells began to chime!

A                    F#m            Fdim   D
Still the bells are broken, goes the sto - ry

E     Bm7-5      E     Cdim        A
But if in your heart a true love dwells

F#7       Edim     F#7   Edim        Bm
They will ring for you in all their glory,

Bm7-5      A         F#m  D9 E7   A    
That's the ser - e - nade of the bells.

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