Serenade In Blue

Words & Music by Mack Gordon & Harry Warren
Recorded by Glenn Miller, 1942

CM7     C        C/B       Am7     A7+5       A7
When I hear that Ser - e - nade in Blue,

     D9             Fdim(III)   G7        C   C/B      G#7
I'm somewhere in an - oth - er world a - lone     with you,

Dm7       Dm7/G     Bb9            E7   A7       D7    Dm7  Bb9   G7           
Shar - ing all the joys we used to know    many moons    a - go.

CM7       C        C/B        Am7    A7+5     A7
Once a - gain your face comes back to me,

      D9              Fdim(III)     G7         C    C/B       G#7
Just like the theme of  some  for - got - ten  mel   -   o - dy

Dm    Dm7      Dm7-5  Bb9       E7     A7           D7   G7  C
In the al - bum of my mem - o - ries,     Ser - e - nade in Blue.


    F             Fdim        Fdim(III)       Dm7-5
It seems like only yesterday, a small cafe, a crowded floor,

   Gdim              C#m7-5        Gdim             Edim
And as we danced the night away, I hear you say, "Forevermore."

    D7                 Am7
And then the song be - came a sigh, 

     Fdim                  D7
For - ev - er - more be - came good - bye,

    G7         Dm7        Dm7/G     G7    
But you re - mained in my heart.

Fdim  CM7     C        C/B       Am7     A7+5       A7
 So  tell me, Darling, is there still a spark,

   D9              Fdim(III)  G7      C      C/B     G#7
Or on - ly lone - ly ash - es of the flame       we knew?

Dm       Dm7   Dm7-5       Bb9     E7    A7           D7   G7  C
Should I go on whist - ling in the dark,    Ser - e - nade in Blue?

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