Words & Music by Carl Sigman, Matt Malneck & Robert Maxwell, 1946
Recorded by The Four Coins, 1957 (#11) (also by The Lettermen, 1969)

E+7          C#m7      F#m
Your kisses take me

    F#m7   Cdim   E+7 
To Shangri-La;

Each kiss is magic

     F#m7             F7
That makes my little world 

  Cdim    E+7
A Shangri-La.


(N.C.)    G7            CM7
A land of bluebirds and fountains

     F7        EM7         
And nothing to do

     AM7        D7
But cling to an angel

     F#m7       Cdim   E+7
That looks like you.

E+7          C#m7    F#m
And when you hold me, 

    F#m7     Cdim   E+7
How warm you are.

Be mine, my Darling,

    F#m7                 F7
And spend your life with me

   Cdim   Fdim(III)    Dm7      Fdim 
In Shangri-La,

     F#m7         F7    Cdim    E+7    Am7    E+7
For anywhere you are is Shangri-La.

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