Since I Fell For You

Words & Music by Buddy Johnson, 1948
Recorded by Lenny Welch, 1963 (#4)

Intro verse*:

E6   C#m7-5   F#7   B7

               E9       C#m7-5           A6        B7
When you just give love,       and never get love,

             E9       Cdim   A9       B7
You'd better let love     depart

   E6          Gdim     AM7    Am7
I know it's so      and yet I know,

  Edim  Gdim    C#m7-5  Gdim B7
I can't get you   out of my heart

 E   E6  A6          B7              E     E6    A
You         made me leave my happy home,

          Em                 A     AM7      F#7
Took my love and now you're gone

        B7        E     C#m    F#m7     B7
Since I fell for you.

 E   E6  A6              B7        E     E6    A
Love        brings such misery and pain,

            Em          A     AM7   F#7
I know I'll never fall again**

         B7       E    A   Am   E   E7
Since I fell for you.


         A7/6       A7         A7/6       A7 
Well, it's too bad,    and it's too sad,

     E      A         E     E7
But I'm in love with you;

    A7/6    A7          A7/6        A7
You love me,   then you snub me -

     E        C#m   F#m7           B7
But what can I do?  I'm still in love with you.

E    E6   A6             B7            E      E6    A
I            guess I'll never see the light;

          Em                A     AM7    F#7
I get the blues most ev'ry night

        B7        E    C#m    F#m7   B7
Since I fell for you,

        B7        E    A    Cdim   E
Since I fell for you.

* Special thanks to Deacon Jim ( for not only pointing out to me that my original chart on this song lacked the intro verse, but also for providing the basis on which this one is built.

**Lenny Welch actually sings this line as "I guess I'll never be the same."

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