The Sky Fell Down

Words & Music by Edward Heyman & Louis Alter
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1940

 A  D9  Bm7-5  A   G#7 Fdim Bm7-5  A
The sky  fell down when  I   met  you;

 E7  G#7 Fdim(III) Gdim   A6         A    A7   Gdim D6
The green   of      the countryside had turned to blue.

  Dm6      A7       Cdim    Gdim       F#7
I had the moon right on my fingertips,

Cdim      D9             D6            Dm6           E7
And when first we kissed   there were stars on your lips.

A  D9 Bm7-5  A   G#7 Fdim Bm7-5  A
To be  with you just made   it  seem

E7   G#7 Fdim(III)    A6           A  A7 Gdim  D6
That walk - ing   on snowy clouds was not  a  dream;

Dm6  A  AM7 A7     Cdim Fdim Gdim    F#7
You gave to me all this and  heaven, too,

Cdim     D         D6  Dm6 E7/6     A
When the sky fell down and   I  met you.

While this chart is based on Sinatra's reading, you're really missing a good bet if you don't seek out the one done by Elizabeth Conant in 2000. Her take is clear and unpretentious, never getting in the way of the song; to my ear, she shares a skill demonstrated by Susannah McCorkle and by Diana Krall (and if you're familiar with my tastes, you recognize that for the praise it is intended to be.) By comparison, Sinatra's sounds dated and immature. Suggested by recent visitor Ana K.

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