Words & Music by Hoagy Carmichael & Johnny Mercer, 1941
Recorded by Linda Ronstadt on "Lush Life," 1984
Also Recorded by Mel Torme, 1949; Previously charted by Glenn Miller (Ray Eberle vocal), 1942 (#7)

 A6     Bm7 C#m7              D  alt      AM7   Bm7   C#m7       
Skylark,            have you anything to say to me?

          Cm7              Bm7     Bm7-5    E7
Won't you tell me where my love can be?

          E7sus4  E7      A     F#m7
Is there a meadow in the mist

        D       Cdim           E7                 
Where someone's waiting to be kissed?

E7sus4 A6     Bm7  C#m7         D alt          AM7         Bm7    C#m7
Oh,   skylark,         have you seen a valley green with spring

         Cm7              Bm7   Bm7-5   E7
Where my heart can go a-jour-ney-ing

        E7sus4   E7       A      F#m7
Over the shadows and the rain 

     Fdim     E7      A             
To a blossom-covered lane?


Em7 A7        DM7   C dim    Em7
And in your lonely flight,

            A7              DM7     Bm7     C#m7-5           
Haven't you heard the music in the night?

Wonderful music, 

Bm          Bm7             Em7   Gdim   DM7
faint as a will o'the wisp, crazy  as a loon,

 G         D         A   Ab  A7   D     E7 
Sad as a gypsy ser-e-na-ding the moon.  Oh,

   A6     Bm7  C#m7          D alt            AM7        Bm7     C#m7       
Skylark,             I don't know if you can find these things,

       Cm7             Bm7     Bm7-5   E7 
But my heart is riding on your wings,

         Bm7-5      E7    A      F#m
So if you see them an-y-where,

         Bm7-5  E7    F#m    Cdim   Bm7-5   E7    AM7/6
Won't you lead  me   there?

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