Sleepy Time Gal

Words & Music by Joseph Reed Alden, Raymond Egan, Ange Lorenzo & Richard A.Whiting, 1924
Recorded by Glenn Miller, 1935

  D    D9   D   D6    D     D6     D+5  A7           Gdim
Sleep - y time gal,  you're turn - in' night in - to day!

 Gdim     Cdim A7           A7+5   A7  D      D6  D    D6   Dalt C#7  C7
Sleep - y time gal,  you've danced the ev' - ning a - way!

B7      Cdim      B7            Cdim  E7  Cdim A7  E7
   Be - fore each sil - ver - y star fades out of sight,

 E7alt  E6 E7alt Em7/9 Em7 Em7/9  A7
Please give me    one  lit - tle kiss, 

G/B  Em7 G/B Em7   G/B Cdim    A7     
Then let us whis - per "Good - night,"

 A   AM7    A   Gdim   A7 
It's get - tin' late, Dear, 

X0xxxx  x2xxxx x4xxxx xx0xxx  xx2xxx  xx3xxx
 Your     pil -  low    is     wait  -  in'

D      D9  D   D6    D   D6  D+5  A7             Gdim
Sleep - y time gal, when all your dan - cin' is through,

Gdim      Cdim  A7       A7+5   F#7             Bm     Bm7/E
Sleep - y time gal, I'll find a cot - tage for you.

                E7/9 E7 E7/9 E7  G/B
You'll learn to cook and to sew, 

A7     Fdim          D          F#7   B7
What's more, you'll love it, I know,

              Em7           A7
When you're a stay-at-home, play-at-home,  

 G/B           A7    Fdim  D
Eight o'clock sleepy time gal!

This one was a say the least. Glenn Miller's version is credited here, but in point of fact, I didn't have a complete version of any of the half-dozen or so that I was working from, by a variety of artists, ranging from a Larry Elgart rendition I found particularly useful, to snippets of Ray Noble, Harry James and others. Unfortunately, the only vocal version I had access to did *not* have the seque from the end of the first verse to the beginning of the second, so what you see here is a bit of a guess -- and a bit of a prayer. Some of you, from private correspondence, already know that I use chords because I can't pick a lead line to save my soul -- but I actually resort to that here.

The lyric and guitar chord transcriptions on this site are the work of The Guitarguy and are intended for private study, research, or educational purposes only. Individual transcriptions are inspired by and and based upon the recorded versions cited, but are not necessarily exact replications of those recorded versions.