Snap Your Fingers

Words & Music by Grady Martin & Alex Zanetis
Recorded by Joe Henderson, 1962

(E7)         A   (A6 A7)            D   ( D alt  Cdim (III)) 
Snap your fingers,      I'll come running 

Cdim     A   (A6   A7)            E       (E6      E7) 
Back to you,          on bended knee 

           A     (A6  A7)            D      (  D  alt )
Snap your fingers,        I'll come running 

Cdim     A    A6  E          E7        A    (  Edim   E7  )
I'll be true,        take a chance on me. 

(E7)                 A   (A6 A7)              D (D alt Cdim(III))
Let your light turn green,    baby I've gotta know 

        Cdim         A  (A6 A7)                 E ( E6  E7  )
Give me some kind of clue,     should I stay or go 

        A     (A6  A7)          D          ( D alt  Cdim(III) )
Let me love you       like the lover that you used to know 

Cdim       A  A6 E             E7           A
Turn the key       and let me through that door. 


      D            Dm6
Oh I had it, but I lost it, 

         A             D9       A             
Now I've got a broken heart to mend 

     D            B7
But I don't care what the cost, 

           E7            Cdim     E7
I've just got to find my way back in. 

                        A       (A6   A7) 
So you just snap your fingers,        

                    D        (  D  alt    Cdim(III)  )
baby I'll come running 

    Cdim     A  ( A6 E7 )        Bm7-5 E7     A
I'll do anything       to get you back  a - gain. 

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