Words & Music by Ruth Thornhill & Claude Thornhill
Recorded by Tony Bennett, 1968

| Dalt     D6/9 | D6/9  |  DM7alt   Dm6/9 |  Dm6/9   |
  Snow  -  fall             soft  -   ly

|DM7     Bm7 | G  Edim  |  D6   Cdim  |  A7/6 - A7   |
 Gent  -  ly      drift   down.

| Dalt    D6/9 | D6/9  |  DM7alt   Dm6/9 |  Dm6/9   |
  Snow - flakes            whis  -  per

| DM7    Bm7 | G  A7+5  |  DM7    D6  |
'Neath    my               win - dow.


| G       G6  |  A7  | Gdim     A7 |  D    |
 Cov'  -  ring  trees   mis  -  ty   white,

|A7     A7+5 |   D6  |  Em7  Dm6/9 | D9   Edim |
 Vel  -  vet   breeze  round  my    door  step.

| Dalt    D6/9 | D6/9  |  DM7alt   Dm6/9 |  Dm6/9   |
  Gent  -  ly              soft  -  ly

|DM7     Bm7 | G  A7+5  |  DM7    D6  |
 Si   - lent              snow - fall.

The words here are thrown in nearly as an afterthought, not because Bennett did a poor version (he didn't) but because the only memorable versions I've heard of this song were instrumentals. I've even added measure marks to suggest timing. There are two or three chord formations here that are used nowhere else on the site, so I'll show them here:

DM7alt=000225   D6/9=000200   Dm6/9=003200

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