So Do I

Words & Music by Ian Grant & Theo Mackenben
Originally titled "Bel Ami", German lyric by Hans Beckman
Recorded by Kenny Ball, 1961

D   G/B  Am   E7  Bm7-5  Am7    E7 Fdim Am7  D7
You like mu - sic that  swings, so  do   I;

Am7  D7   G     Am7 D7    G     G5 D7/9 G
You like flow'rs in the spring, so  do  I,

 G7      C      Am7   D7   Cdim       G   G/F#     Em7
And you like to run around with your feet off the ground

G       A    Em7     A     Edim   D   Gdim   D7
And to feel life is real -- so do I.

D   G/B  Am   E7  Bm7-5  Am7   E7 Fdim(III) Am7  D7
You like Jazz more than Liszt, so    do      I;

Am7  D7  G  Am7 D7  G       G5 D7/9 G
And you like to be kissed -- so   do I.

G7     C       C/B     Cdim Edim         G    G/F#  E7/9
So it must be plain to see  that you've gotta marry  me

E7     C   C/B    Am  Cdim   G   (Edim  D7)
And as you say "I do"  so do I.

*Requested by recent visitor Doug Linaker

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