Softly As I Leave You

Words & Music by Hal Shaper & A. de Vita, 1962
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1964 (#27)

A       Bm7

        E7        A       Bm7
I will leave you softly

        E7          A
For my heart would break

                D             A    Bm7
If you should wake and see me go.

       E7      A       Dm7
So I leave you softly

         G7       C      Dm7
Long before you miss me,

         G7        C               F
Long before your arms can beg me stay

             Em7   C     G7      A     Bm7
For one more hour    or one more day.

       E7       A    Dm
After all the years

         E7       F#m F#m7 D
I can't bear the tears to fall

(First time)

    F      Dm7       E7       A     Bm7    E7
So softly     as I leave you there.

(Last time)

     F   Dm7        E7        A      Bm7
So softly,    as I leave you there, 

      E7        A      Bm7
As I leave you there, 

     E7          A    Fdim    A
As I leave you there.

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