Somebody Else Is Taking My Place

Words & Music by Dick Howard, Bob Ellsworth & Russ Morgan
Recorded by Benny Goodman, 1942 (#1), vocal by Peggy Lee

D            D9 B7     E7       Cdim  E7
Some - bod - y else is ta - king my place,

A7     Em7  G/B A7  G/B  D9    Edim Gdim    D
Some - bod - y else now shares your  em - brace;

G    G/F#   Em7   D  DM7       B7
While I am trying to keep from crying,

E  Fdim  E   Cdim      A7 Bm7-5      A7
You go around with a smile on your face.

D          D9 B7       E7      Cdim  E7
Lit - tle you know the price I have paid,

A7    Em7 G/B  A7  G/B  D9  Edim Gdim D
Lit - tle you care for vows that you made;

G   G/F#     Em7     D   DM7       B7
My heart is aching, soon will be breaking,

    E7          A7   Gdim  D
For somebody's taking my place.

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